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Wasp Pack - Products to deal with most wasp nests

Wasp Pack - Products to deal with most wasp nests

All in one pack to deal with wasp nests
Ideal for repeat/future treatments
Deals with at least 3-4 wasps nests

Our Wasp Pack now has the Bellows Duster as the main application tool. This duster is widely used by pest controllers. It can be filled safely and easily and provides ample power to blow the dust up to 15 feet, although it is usually best to get as close as possible ( we suggest you need to be within one metre to the nest) to avoid wasting dust in the air. The dust will start to spread as soon as it leave the nozzle end. The Duster Bellows will give years of repeat service. Just pour the wasp killer powder into the side mounted receptacle, screw on the top, affix the lance and dust around and into nest entrances etc. The 300gm Wasp Killer Powder is sufficient to deal with 3-4 wasp nests.

The Wasp Killer Foam Aerosol can be used to spray over visible nests, it will encase the nest in a poisonous foam and if wasps try to eat their way either inwards or outwards the foam will kill them.

Add a Beekeepers jacket for personal protection when dealing with very active nests.

Pack includes:

1 x 300gm Wasp Killer Powder

1 x 300ml Wasp Killer Foam

1 x Polminor Bellows Duster

Mask , gloves, gloves are for handling the insecticide, not as protection from wasp stings. Garden gloves would perform this function or Beekeepers gloves.

If you have any questions or want advice for your wasp infestation, please do hesitate to call us on 01323 846845

Price: 39.30 (Including VAT at 20%)