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Smoke Bomb for Wasp Nests in Sheds

Smoke Bomb for Wasp Nests in Sheds

Largest Midi Smoke Available
Ideal for Enclosed Spaces
Kills Wasps Rapidly

This product must be employed with great care as the smoke can build rapidly and you MUST leave the treatment area before inhaling the smoke, which will pass through normal face masks. We are recommending the highest dose rate for this purpose in order that the smoke will penetrate and kill wasps in nests that are perhaps not visible.

Can be successfully used against wasps in certain situations.

In a garden shed where it is too risky or dangerous to attack a nest. If the nest is not at all visible, there is a possibility that insufficient smoke will penetrate to kill the nest and a second application may be needed or a different method but in most cases, a midi smoke bomb will produce sufficient smoke to kill all wasps living within the shed, particularly if the shed is fairly well sealed.

Please advise your neighbours that you are going to use a smoke bomb as they may call the fire brigade if they see smoke emanating from your shed or shed windows. It would be adviseable to call the fire brigade in any case, as a precaution.


Use ONE unit for wasps in a shed up to 5m x 10m (One midi bomb covers up to: 500m3 for flying insects).

Contains: Permethrin 13.5% w/w and Potassium Chlorate.

Ensure you remove any fish or animals from the treatment area.

Please note that smokes and foggers are a good knock down but leave no residual effect so, once the smoke has dissipated, there is no ongoing chemical risk.

Price: 6.00 (Including VAT at 20%)