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Destroying a Wasp Nest in the Ground

Destroying a Wasp Nest in the Ground


Wasps often nest underground and this makes them very easy to control as there is usually only one exit/entry point.
No equipment is required to deal with wasp nest in the ground. The Rentokil Wasp Nest killer puffer pack is all you need as it is an effective wasp killer powder..
We suggest treatment is carried out at night when the wasps are resting within the nest. Use a torch to locate the nest but only shine very briefly onto the entry hole or the wasps will come out to investigate the light. Once you know exactly where the entrance is, shake the cannister and remove the cap, turn the puffer upside down, point towards the entry hole and puff a generous amount of powder into and round the entry hole. EVACUATE !! That should be it, there is a chance you may need a second treatment, do this the following night.
You can also treat during the day but in this case you will need to be very careful and may want to wear some wasp protective clothing. To reduce the risk of being stung during a daytime treament, watch the activity for a while and determine the wasp flight paths. Usually there is a main inward and a main outward flight route. Aim to get into the outward flight path as once you start puffing the dust into the hole, few wasps are likely to emerge, however wasps will continually be returning to the next and you don't want to be standing in their path..