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Dustick High Reach Dust/Powder Applicator

Dustick High Reach Dust/Powder Applicator

The clever Dustick reaches up to 18 feet with multi-section tubes, hand pump at base and angled nozzle dust applicator at the top. Ideally suited for remote wasp nest control. This wasp and insect control equipment has been widely used by professional pest controllers over many yeaars and, in fact, has not changed a great deal in design since first inception.

The proof of a good design, however, it could be improved by affixing a pipe clip around the first joint under the wasp dust cannister, which sits on the top of the Dustick. In the past, the end section of this item has come adrift when having the nozzle forced under a roof tile, the tile grips the nozzle and you can end up pulling the extension tubes down with the dust cannister remaining stranded on the roof, so be careful if using to dust under tiles. As a simple temporary precautionary measure, you may want to use some electrical tape around that first joint to avoid losing the dust cannister.

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